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Crittenden County, Kentucky

Crittenden County, Kentucky

Large creek bottom area with tons of sign and cover.

Perennial creek provides water year round.

Approximately $370,000.00 of Hardwood timber to the land owner based on timber cruise done 4 years ago. Hardwood timber is not under contract and there are no plans to cut it.

Approximately $150,000.00 of Pine timber (first thinning) income to landowner. The first thinning of pine is under contract and being cut right now.

Approximately 75 acres of pines are being clear cut and created into food plots.

Super road and trail system through property for easy access to 100 the property for easy hunting.

Road system allows for access of equipment to service food plots.

Several nice home or cabin sites.

Large land owners around property.

Adjoining property owner allows limited trophy only hunting and several trophy bucks have been harvested over the years.

A limited number of bucks have been taken over the past 10 years.

Huge amount of mast producing trees for great mast crop each year.

Large amount of browse for nutrition.

Property is only 2 hours from Nashville, TN.

3.5 Hours from St. Louis, MO.

3 Hours from Louisville, KY.

Property CAN be split.

Strictly About the Hunting

This farm is located in Crittenden County, which has one of the best reputations for high quality Whitetail Deer genetics in the state. This property combines everything a top notch hunting property needs to be a great hunting tract. There are acres of cover, plenty of water, and abundant food. There is tremendous access to all parts of the property so not a single acre is wasted, it can all be hunted. The creek bottoms are in the middle of the property and the animals tend to funnel down into that area to bed. This provides some excellent opportunities to ambush some huge deer. The potential to grow some trophy Whitetails is present, especially with Kentucky s feeding laws. Kentucky allows for feeding 9 months of the year, while mineral supplementation is legal year round. This gives landowners the ability to provide a nutritional program allowing deer to reach their genetic potential. The property currently has a feeding and mineral program in place.

The turkey hunting on this farm is outstanding as well. There is a ton of nesting and bedding sites for birds to raise. The terrain provides great hunting opportunities for huge Gobblers. There are huge numbers of turkeys on this property and the hunting is second to none in this area. The area of the county the property is located in is well known for large numbers of turkeys.

The owner is willing to split the property!
Once the pines have been thinned and the food plots are in place, there will be a price increase on the property.

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